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Our Co-Founders

Sarah Harris & Josh Williams

After years of capturing professional content all over the world in various weather and lighting conditions, we have produced what we believe to be the most aesthetically pleasing presets.

We have spent countless hours refining and optimizing these presets through our experience as creators.

We’re confident that our knowledge & experience in photography and editing will enable you to take your content to the next level.

Why Should You Join?

As a Wander With Preset Ambassador, you will get instant access to new products, 30% shared revenue and the ability to grow with us as we post your content across our platforms of over 2.3 million followers.

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Worlds Easiest Product To Promote & Make Money $$

Finally, Get Paid To Post!

If you're already posting on social media, nothing really changes for you, other than showing your followers your before and after photos of the content that you're already posting! It couldn't surely be that simple?

Yup, just tag us and we'll even re-post it to our huge network of followers.

Not only that but you'll have your own discount code to offer your followers and for every time someone uses your code, we'll pay you 30% of that sale!

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